Hi everybody!

The last weeks we did similar steps and you can check them here to get a general idea:

Today we want to transfer the weight again but now with a wave from the hips for the lady.

For the guys:

  • Open the lateral and feel the tension between your arm and the arm of the lady.
  • At the same time: 1) you lead the lady to the left, 2) you bring your right hand up for her to go with the hips to the left and the head to the right.
  • After that you have to change the grip of your hand.
  • While opening again, the first step you just lead the lady to the side and after that your hand goes down.

For the ladies:

  • Your head follows your shoulder. Your left shoulder up means, your head is falling to the right.
  • Go with the hips and strecht the left side of your body. At the end your head comes to the left too.
  • While doing the turn with the head, the first step your head stays to the side, the second one your head goes to the front and on the third step your head goes up.