Today we repeat the olé step and after that we did one elastic with a cambré. Here you can see the olé step:


If the lady should do the bumerangue, you will get her with the left hand and lead her around of you three steps, before you lead the preparation for the elastic and the cambré with your body. This part is very important: for leading the lady with your body you will bend your upper body to the left for the elastic, to the right for the cambré and to the left again for the wave. If the lady is doing the wave backwards, you will put your right foot between both feet of the lady before you go into the basic step.

Ladies: for the elastic you are going first with your hips and then with your chest. Your head is the last part of your body going to the front. Do a good preparation for the cambré putting your pelvis to the front and contracting your center, then you go backwards but your knees are going to the front. For the wave you go first with your head and after that with your body.