We started today with the “little sun”. You can see the step here:


For the guys :

After that, you will turn the lady to her left with both hands down. Important:

1. You hold just the fingers of the lady.

2. You let the street of the lady free.

3. At the end you block her way, so you can lead the wave and the lady stays.

Now comes the wave. Lead the wave with your body.

Turning the lady to the right you will go with her and stop her with your left hand. Then we do the ping pong step.

For the ladies: The most important thing for you for this step is your ladystyling with the arms while dancing the ping pong. With the first turn to the left of the ping pong you bring your right hand up on 1, you change the arms on 2 (right goes down and left goes) and on 3 you will face your partner. From here you will always change the hands on 2.

Have fun!