We worked again with the titanic and the head movements on the line today. The new thing was to paint a circle with the head after the left turn on the line with head. For it, guys, you have to block the lady with your left hand and paint the circle with the right (you are playing with the shoulder line of the lady). Ladies, try to stretch the opposite side if you are doing the head movements. You have also to transfer the weight from one side to the other together with your head.

The second new thing was the turn for the guys while leading the bumerangue step (bonus) for the ladies. From titanic you lead on 1 the bumerangue but guys, you start to go with your left foot on 2. then if you go on 1 with your left you will turn to the right, go a little bit more on the line with the right feeling the tension between your arm and the arm of the lady and on 3 you come back for to lead the third step of the lady.

Have fun!