Really nice move our Tic Tac!

“What? Tic Tac?”

We call the step tic tac if the lady is bringing the head from one side to the other side without painting a circle back or to the front.

Guys, if you are leading the lateral to the left you go in slow motion for the lady to understand, now something special is coming and to keep her center over the left foot. You will turn her 270° and block her. How to block? Your right under arm stops her upper body and the left hand blocks the move over the head of the lady. After that you pull with the left hand to the left and with the right hand to the right, so the lady transfers the weight to her right but she goes first with the hips stretching the body (the head falls to the left) and after that with the head to right. At the same time you have to turn: your left hand go through the window and you bring your right over your head. Now you have to bring the lady to the other side, first pulling with the right hand (so she transfers the weight) and then changing the position of her shoulders (in the video we show two possibilities, with the hand in front of the lady and with the hand behind). While leading the head movement, the first step you help the lady to transfer the weight and after that the head goes.

For the ladies: While turning on one leg, you have to keep your center over your foot and go a little bit up.

It’s very important for you to understand that sometimes the guy lead your head from one side to the other side without painting a circle to the front or back. In this case, the guy helps you to transfer the weight and then he plays with the position of your shoulders. If the guy brings you to the side, you go first with the hips, you stretch the side of your body and at the end you go with the head. You will repeat it to the other side. For the last head movement, the first step you transfer the weight to your right without going with the head, the second step you bring your head to the front (your chest is in) and at the end your head goes to the side.

Next week we will see some variations for the head at the end of the step.

Have fun and see you next week!