Hi everybody!

We are learning today a very beautiful step with a cambre. First of all: be careful if you are doing cambre. Prepare your body with a warming up and if you are practising, the step is your responsibility. Our videos don’t replace the normal lessons with a zouk teacher.

Guys, four things:

  1. You are turning the lady on a line. At the beginning you have to pull with the right hand and you think always to bring the lady along the line.
  2. The step need a preparation. Are you bringing the lady down? You need a preparation to the top. You are leading the lady up with the left hand if she is doing the second step.
  3. You will lead most of the time with your upper body and not with the hands.
  4. For the cambre let the lady do her preparation and be sensitive, do very soft movements feeling where are the limits of your partner and how she feels.

For the ladies:

  1. The preparation for the cambre: first you go with your chest and then you go down.
  2. Your pelvis is to the front and you go little by little in the cambre. At the same time your knees go to the front.
  3. If you are doing the snake-variation: go first with the head and after that with the body.
  4. If the guy is not leading cambré and just bring you up, look at him as you were a tiger and he a delicious zebra.

Have a nice week and dance as much as you can!