Hi everybody!

We have in zouk different kinds of turns. We call “zouk turn” to the most popular turn: the first two steps go in a line and after that we come back, just transfering the weight to the other foot, so you do your thrid step on the spot.

If the lady is turning with the right foot to the right we say “right turn”. If the lady is turning with the left foot to the left, we call it left turn.

Today we will learn the right turn from the basic step. If the lady do her basic step, she is going with the right forwards. Here she needs space to turn, guys, the step before you are leading the right turn, you let lady go and do your steps on the spot. The right hand will slide from her shoulder blade till her hand. While she is turning you cross with the left in front.

An important thing for the leading: while turning your hand is painting a circle over the head of the lady. By 1 and 2, the hand is moving to the left and by 3 the hand is coming back to the right (so the lady needs to do the third step on the spot). Also if a turn ends, guys you have to bring down the hand that leads. In this way, the lady knows that the turn is over.

Ladies: don’t forget your third step on the spot. You hold your arms in front of your chest. If you turn to the right, your right elbbow should be in front of your right shoulder. If you bring your right elbow more to the side you can heart your partner, be careful.

See you next week!