The turn on the line in the closed position is a very beautiful step with a lot of nice variations. Before you practise this step, please warm up your body and do the steps under your own responsibility.

For today: Guys, if you are leading the lady to the left, you have to push a little bit more with the right hand on the side of the lady and bring your under arm down but keeping the contact. Your left arm goes up. Ladies: here you have your head to the left side (because right shoulder is up) and you have to keep the contact with your right hand and the left hand of the guy.

Now guys you pull with your right hand to the left and block up with the left, so the lady has to go first with the hips. After that you let the lady go with the upper body transfering the weight to her right and at the end you lead her head to the right side. At the end your left hand is in front of her left shoulder.

For the opening to the left, guys you pull with the left hand to the left the first step, so the lady just transfer the weight to the left. Then you lead the turn and bring the hand down, so the lady start the head movement. Ladies, feel the weight of your hair by bringing the head to the left side, so you can control that you don’t have any hair on your face at the end of the head movement.

Have fun!