The beginners course is getting interesting :-)

After the prison step and the long turn on the line (bumerangue) we can do a turn like in the video.

Guys: You are turning the lady with the right hand up and the left hand stays down. The right hand just holds the fingers of the lady. In this way you can get the left shoulder of the lady with your right hand. Go now in slow motion, briging the shoulder and the head of the lady to the side. Put your under arm on the back of the lady and help her to turn. If you want, the lady goes up, then you go with your body a little bit up too and the hands are following your body.

For the ladies. After the turn you will feel that the guy is bringing your left shoulder down, so your head goes to the side. You have a new contact ith the guy on your back: try to press against the under arm of the guy on your back. While turning on the spot (It’s the same everytime you turn to the right and do something with your upper vody), you will turn on your right leg, this is your axis. After the first step, the guy keep your shoulder on the same level, so your head goes to the front. Don’t go up alone and wait for the leading of your partner.

See you next week!