Some details for the step of today:

Turning with the head to the front and opening to the side.

Guys: You try to keep the contact the hole time with the lady. Your right hand slides and keep the contact first with the left arm of the lady, turn the lady and at the end, push her upper body and hold her arm. Your intention is to look at the lady. You go down on your right knee and your left leg is stretched.

Ladies: If you bring your head to the front don’t forget to put your chest in, so your head will stay over your center and you don’t loose your balance. While turning with your head to the front your pelvis is to the front too. Keep the contact with the leading of the guy. While opening pay attention to the ladystyling. Your right hand goes to the side and your eyes follow your hand. You go down on your right knee and strecht the left leg.


Guys: Watch the video to understand the leading down and up. You try to block the lady, in this way she can’t turn to you before doing the chassé. After the chassé, if the lady is transfering the weight to the left, you will turn the lady to you for the cambré.

Cambré and snake.

A typical cambré. Please don’t forget the preparation. For leading the wave, guys lead the shoulders of the lady and put your right elbow up. Watch how to transfer the weight while doing the snake and the second cambré. Ladies, if your head is to the front, your chest is in. If your head goes up, you push your chest to the front.

Have fun!