Hi everybody!

It’s really nice to have the possibility to show you beautiful moves.

Long turn on the line: For the ladies is a normal bumerangue. For the guys: After the first three steps, we will turn to the left and cross to the other side of the line of the lady.

Now guys, you lead the lateral and the and after that you turn to the right (for the ladies a normal lateral step). Guys: now you go down and you turn on your right leg. Keep the left hand on your right shoulder blade.

The turn of the spiral 1. If you want to see the spiral 1 slowly, you can check this post:


Guys: The first thing, bring the left hand as high as possible, so the spiral 1 is easier for the lady. The right hand goes up too, around the head of the lady. Ladies: stretch your body to the front while doing the spiral.

For the turn on the line with the head: Guys, your right hand goes up, bringing the head of the lady to the side. Ladies: Breath to the left side and stay with the head there as long as your right shoulder is up. When the guy brings the hand down, then you start the circle to the front with the head.

See you next week!