Today we learn another variation for the pendulum. Before practising these steps, please, warm up your body and do the steps under your own responsibility.

The ping-pong step.

A very popular step of zouk. The lady is doing the lateral step (third step on the spot) and the guy is doing the lateral step too but crossing backwards. Ladies, watch the video to see how Claudia is bringing the hands up and down for the turns.

The pendulum.

Watch the video of the pendulum:


Important for this variation of the pendulum: While the lady is turning to the left, the guy has to go around of the lady. On the third step the guys will bring the right hand up till the shoulder blade (with some contact under the axle) and then you bring the lady aroung of you to do the pendulum.

You find in the video two variations for the cambré with different expressions for the guys. Don’t forget a good preparation for the cambré.

Have fun!