Hi everybody!

Today we did a nice move, if you want a nice effect while dancing zouk.

We spoke about the opening from lateral and how guys you have to put amore energy for the lady to open.

The most important thing for the step is how to lead the lady the left for her to transfer the weight to the left. You are you pulling to the right with your hand on the same as the shoulders line of the lady. After she is transfering to the left you change the grip of your hand (watch the video carefully) and you bring the hand in front of the lady and open again to the right. For leading the bumerangue remember: the line is for the lady, so you need to go to the front with your right foot and after that you follow the lady.

For the ladies: while opening the lateral you go a little bit on your right knee and your left leg is stretched to the left. While transfering the weight stay with your energy to the front front (imagine you are dancing this step for an audience). For the bumerangue, keep the contact with the hand of the guy up (you are holding a pizza).

See you next week!