Hi everybody!

The beginners 1 course is getting interesting ;-)

Guys: you want to lead a left turn for the lady from lateral. You have a lot of possibilities for the turn. It depends on how are you holding the hands of the lady. Today your left hand will be up and your right hand down. While turning the lady you go with the right foot to the right. From here you will do the lateral step just to the side the hole time and lead the lateral step for the lady. Three things:

1. Your left arm is always over the shoulder line of the lady, so you have more space for her turn.

2. You start the leading of the turn of the lady on 1. If the lady is going to the front, just before she puts the foot on the floor you lead the turn (lateral step is half of turn) from your body and arms continue the leading.

3. If you want to do the basic step don’t go with the right to the right but let the lady go, do your steps more oder less on the spot and get the lady with the right hand on her back.

For the ladies, remember that you are supposed to do always the third step on the spot. Try to turn alwas your upper body to the guy, so you keep the connection with him. If the guy is turning you the last time, bring our left arm ober his arm.