Hi everybody!

We learn today how to do head movements while turning together on the spot. For the ladies: Please warm up your body before dancing this step and practise under your own responsibility.

Here you can remember how to turn on the spot togehter to the right:


Now we want to do some head movements while turning.

Guys: While turning you have to keep the same energy he hole time. The leading for the head movements comes from your upper body. Your arms are connected with the lady. If you go by 1 with the right, you will bend to the right, your right hands goes down and your left hand goes up. Then you bend back in a circle by 2 and 3. By the second 1 with the left your upper body is to the left. By two and three you will bend to the front. By the third 1 you start from the beginning.

For the ladies: Remember to relax your head and strecht the opposite side of the neck while doing the head movements. Connect your arms with the arms of the guy, your shoulders stay down. Don’t focus with your eyes while doing head movements.

The end. Guys: for opening the position, you bring the lady to your right side. Your right hand goes up and the left hand goes down. Ladies, close your ribs if you open and don’t transfer the weight to your heels because in this way you will loose your balance. A cambré for the end after the opening is possible too.

Thank you for follow this blog and for watching the videos!