A beautiful thing of dancing brazilian zouk: You can combine the basic and have a lot of fun, even if you’re a beginner!

Today you will turn the lady to the left with the left hand up and the right hand down. If you want to see this step slowly, check this link:


You can combine this step with the wave and we the elastic too.

The wave.

Guys, you lead a last left turn (or lateral) for the lady and then you have to be closer to the lady in order to block her. You will have contact with the arm and with your upperbody too. The leading of the wave is coming from your upperbody. After that you could open like in the video. For the ladies: Everytime we have a new contact with the guy, we have to press a little bit against the contact to feel the new leading. Try to bend always your upper body to the guy. Here you can see some more details about the wave.

The elastic.

Guys, while leading the elastic you want the lady goes first with the hips, so your right under arm has to be lower as normal. You will be with your upper body to the lady (90°) and do a wave to the side from your hips, so you help the lady with her elastic. The contact with your right under arm will go little by little up. Then you go with both hand in front of the lady and bring the lady back and up. For leading the snake, first lead the shoulders of the lady turning soft her wrists and if she goes to the front, then you pull with your left hand to the left and your right hand goes to the axle of the lady bringing the elbow up.

Ladies. Go with your hips to the front, after that with your chest (your head goes a little bit back). If you are down, wait for the leading of the guy. If you are up and the guy lead your shoulders, relax your neck and let your head go down through the window. The next turn is on the line and the second one is a normal turn with the third step on the spot.