Hi everybody!

Today we speak in the lessons about something very important. What you see in this website are just videos about the steps, but these can’t give you a real feeling about the dance. We want to film some videos to give you an idea about the “zouk-feeling”. Of course it’s something you cannot learn from videos, but we want to give you just an idea. Maybe it helps you to understand zouk a little bit better.

A basic: the beat and our steps on the floor. Something very typical of zouk it’s our beat. The first thing it’s to feel the beat like a heart “beating”. This beat has a strong time and two light times. The strong time has a lot of energy and we can use this energy in our dance. In the video you can see, hiw this energy is going down on the floor and comes back up.

After we repeat the the combination lateral – left turn – lateral:


And the combination lateral – right turn – lateral too:


For the guys. Think about your are crossing a street the hole time. For the ladies: do your third step on the spot the hole time and try to keep your upper body to your partner.

See you next week!