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21.02.15. Zouk-Workshop in Gothenburg (Sweden). Saturday.

Hi everybody!

Today we were in Gothenburg (Sweden) giving some Workshops with the lovely dancers from here.

We speak about a lot of things! We speak for example about the flow: a state of mind when you have the feeling, you are one with your body, with your partner and with the music. You cannot control the flow (it’s not like a button you can press) but can do some things to let it happen.

In my opinion there are three ways to feel the flow:

  • The way of feeling your own body.
  • The way of feeling the partner.
  • The way of feeling the music.

During the workshops in Gothenburg we want to work the way of the body. Please, feel like Indiana Jones: You want to discover something new, everyday, every song, with every dance partner. If you are thinking like that, your ego stays at home. That’s the first condition to get the flow: your ego has to take a break.

We love the idea, dancing zouk is a massage for your body. Start feeling your own body and the body of your partner, try to feel the connection. At the very beginning of a song take some seconds for you and for your partner and enjoy just being together. What can you do here? Don’t be shy and get like in a hug with your partner. The guys have contact with the belly of the lady, you have the lady on your right side. From here you can tranfer the weight, play with the hips and the upper body like in the video.

Ladies: keep the contact with the guy. If you have contact with your belly, you have to press to the front. If the contact is just with the hand of the guy on your back, you have to press a little bit too agains the hand staying a little bit back.

Two very important things for the guys in the workshop:

- Think you are a gentleman „first the lady“. You cannot go before the ladies go. You propose something with your leading and you see the answer of the lady. Then you continue the movement.

- You want the lady has a good feeling if she is dancing with you. Zouk is a social dance. Please take care about the contact with the lady. Your hands have to be soft and sensitive, don’t be rude.

After that we did a combination to get a flow in the movement. Sometimes we are going a lot of steps dancing zouk but more than of the steps are building just one movement. Think on moving your body and not on doing steps, if you think on separate steps, you will break the flow.

One move brings you into another. Use the circular energy as much as you can for it.

Somethings about the combination:

  • For turning the lady, keep the contact with your arm and the bely of the lady.
  • For the turn together on the spot: keep the contact with the leg, stay in front of your parter and let the energy goes back, your chest is a little bit in, don’t try to go to the front with your chest.
  • For the cross step: three steps but just one move. For the ladies: push with your foot behind by going the side step (lateral).
  • For the opening to the right, guys you go to the front, not backwards. You think „first the lady“. For the ladies: your chest is always facing your partner.

The „anaconda-step“!

Guys: your right bring the lady two steps to the front and after that blocks the lady. Left hand goes like a anaconda till the left shoulder of the lady. Your weight should be now on the right, the ladies n the left. Bring the lady to her right and then turn the lady (she goes with the left) and you transfer the weight to the left. Now you are behind the lady and you get her arms like a moto. Lead the elastic like in the video but try to be soft, the leading is coming from your body.

For the ladies: if you are doing the elastic, first go with your hips and then with your chest. If your chest is on the front you stretch, giving the idea, your neck goes back (but you just want to stretch). Going up you do it little by little. At the end, the head goes up like a tiger.

It was a nice workshop!

Tomorrow more!

18.02.15. Beginners 2. Turn on the line with elastic after Prison.


We are in the beginners course but we start to do some moves for intermediate. Be patient with this step. Try to understand how it’s working and you will improve very fast.

If you want to see the easy variation slowly, please watch this video.

Let’s speak about the most important point. Guys, you hold the right hand of the lady with your right handand the left with the left. The first step you just want to give the idea of moving on the line. At the end of the first step you startwith the turn and your right hand goes up. The second step the lady is turning and you start to bring the left hand up. While the lady is going her third step, you look to the other side, you bring the right hand down and the left hand down too after keeping the connection with the back of the lady.

If you want the lady goes up, you go up with your body. The lady is keeping the tension on the arms and you lead her up in diagonal, thinking about leading her shoulders up.

Nice nice nice!

See you next week!

18.02.15. Intermediate. Hanging head movement (“boneca”) turning to the right.

Hi everybody!

Another kind of head movement is the “boneca” (“doll”). In this step the lady is like hanging on the hand, like a doll without energy to hold the head. As long as the hand of the guy is up, the shoulder (here the right shoulder of the lady) is up and the head fall to the left side. Between two and three the hand is coming down. The position of the shoulders changes and the head paint half of circle to the front.

We combine the “boneca” with this step (we did it two weeks ago).

Please, if you are practising any steps of the videos, you have to warm up your body and do the step on your own responsibility.

See you next week!

17.02.15. Advanced. Turn on the line with head movement to the front and spiral.

Hi Everybody!

We continue with the step of the last week (watch the video here), with a variation and leading at the end one spiral.

The variation: Guys, we will go around the lady while turning her, so you can transform the energy of the lady in a wave from the hips when she goes with the right foot.

For the spiral: Guys, you don’t stop the head movement, you continue the head movement fluently. You are leading the shoulders of the lady like in a circle (watch the video). For the ladies: if your head is to the front, you bring your chest in. If your head goes back, you think on stretching the front part of your neck. When you do the spiral, the steps are like in a simple turn but crossing (here you will find some more explanations).

The step of the next week will be very cool, I cann wait for it!! ;-)

17.02.15. Beginners 1. Combination basic step, side step, left turn, wave and basic step again.

Hi everybody!

A easy combination for beginners: Basic step, side step (lateral), left turn, wave and basic step again.

For the basic step and for the side step we have nothing to say now. Before you start with the turn, guys, you have to “cross the street” and be in front of the lady (a little bit to the left). You lead a left turn for the lady (ladies: please do your third step on the spot and while turning take care of your left arm for not to hit the guy). Guys, on to two you get the lady aganing.

After turn you want to lead the wave: You will bring the lady to you like in a wave and go with the left foot to the front and not backwards. If the wave is over, you let the lady transfer the weight to her left foot and lead the basic step.

For the ladies: during the wave keep the contact the hole time with the hand of the guy.

16.02.15. Intermediate. Circles with the chest and wave from the chest and from the hips.

What can we dance if we don’t have any beat on the music?

There are a lot of possibilities for playing with your partner. Today we want to isolate our chest to learn how to lead the upper body in a circle or in a wave (from the chest or from the hips too).

Guys, watch the video and if you are trying to lead the lady, be sensitive with the lady, your hands have to be sensitive. Take care about your fingers, you want to have contact with the lady with the hole hand. If you don’t want the lady loose her balance you have to control the center of the lady and try to keep her center over her feet.

For the ladies: don’t anxious and wait for the leading. Try to understand where is the leading and isolate this part of the body, don’t do the moves without control.

Guys, if you are practising this moves with a new lady at the party, first look with a soft leading and enough time if the lady understands you. If don’t, please don’t force the move.

16.01.15. Beginners 2. Big opening to the right (closed position)

We have learned a little opening to the right (watch the video: little opening to the right) and now we want to lead a variation.

Very important: guys you are bringing the lady to you but you are moving to the side, so the lady has always enough space. The first step the lady goes withthe right foot between your legs and the second step you go with your right between the legs of the lady.

Ladies, keep the contact on your back with the guy, so you are not falling to the front. The frame (arms and shoulders) stay the hole time with the same energy. Another important thing is to focus with your upper body on the upper body of your partner.

A variation: Guys, you can lead the turn on the spot together (watch the video: turn on the spot together) and if you are going on one with the left foot you can lead the big opening.

Have fun!

16.02.15. Beginners 1. Combination side step + left turn + side step again.

Today we learn a very easy combination to practise the side step (lateral) and the left turn.

For the ladies: You are going always with your third step on the spot, keeping your chest to the partner and if you are turning, you take care about your left arm for not to hit the guy putting the arm in front of your chest and your left elbow in front of your left shoulder.

For the guys: Before you lead the turn you have to “cross the street”. You go in front of the lady but a little bit to the left. When you turn the lady you can choose if you are doing the basic step or another side step (lateral) after the turn. If you do the basic step, you let your right hand on two on the back of the lady. If you want to do another side step, you let your hand slide till you get the left hand of the lady and you open with the right foot to the right, so the lady has enough space for her side step.

See you next week!

Zouk Germany. 15.02.15. Intermediate. Turn on the line with head movement from Titanic.


Thank you very much for visiting Zouk Germany and watching our videos.

We continue today putting some new steps in the combinations (here you can see the step of the last lesson) . We want now to do a turn on the line for the lady with head movement from Titanic. Ticanic is position where the lady is in front of the guy and both are looking in the same direction.

Ladies: In a simple turn on a line we go three steps. If our head is to the right and we are turning to the left, the first step we stay with the head on the right, the second one we bring the head in front of your chest (your chest is in, your pelvis is to the front, you go a little bit down) and the third step you bring your head. It’s all about following your shoulders if you are Th first step the shoulder line doesn’t chenge, the second step both shoulder in a line parallel to the floor and the third step changes the position of the shoulders to the opposite.

Guys: You have to play with the shoulder line of the lady to lead the head movements. The first step you just go, the second one you start the head movement to the front and the third step you have to change the shoulder line.

Two possibilities for the end:

1. Lead the long left turn on the line (Bumerangue) to the left with head.

2. Leading another turn to the right and bringing your left hand over your head. For this possibility the guys need to lead the lady for staying with the head to the front (you can control and lead the lady with the right hand) and to turn the lady with the left hand. The left hand is not up because you want the lady stay with the head to the front and you bring the hand over your head (watch the video).

Have fun and see you next week!

15.02.15. Beginners 2. Cross step behind the lady

Hi everybody!

Today we want to do the cross step behind the lady. At the beginning we are using the step of the last lesson (elastic and be behind the lady).


From this position you can do the basic step.

Ladies: if you go to the front, keep the contact with the guy on your back and stretch the legs if you are doing your steps.

Guys: you are not exactly behind the woman, you are to the left side, you feel the left shoulder blade of the lady in the middle of your chest. Strech your legs if you are going backwards for the lady not to hit you if she is going backwards.

For the cross step. Guys: The lady needs some space to go her steps. You go out of her line, your first step with the left go diagonal to the side. With the right you open, so there is some space for the lady to cross in front of you.

Ladies: Now your focus is to the front. Look for the contact with the guy pressing down with your arms (the contact is down).

Guys: for lead your partner you have to understand how to turn her upper body. If the lady is crossing with the right, her upper body needs to be to the right. If she is crossing with the left, her upper body needs to be to the left. Today for finishing the move we will do just one basic step with the left backwards, we block the lady for not to turn her upper body and if she is going to the front we turn her to the right, and now after a left turn we can do the basic step.

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