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07.04.15. Advanced. Combination: turning with the head to the front, opening to the right, chassé, cambré and snake.


Some details for the step of today:

Turning with the head to the front and opening to the side.

Guys: You try to keep the contact the hole time with the lady. Your right hand slides and keep the contact first with the left arm of the lady, turn the lady and at the end, push her upper body and hold her arm. Your intention is to look at the lady. You go down on your right knee and your left leg is stretched.

Ladies: If you bring your head to the front don’t forget to put your chest in, so your head will stay over your center and you don’t loose your balance. While turning with your head to the front your pelvis is to the front too. Keep the contact with the leading of the guy. While opening pay attention to the ladystyling. Your right hand goes to the side and your eyes follow your hand. You go down on your right knee and strecht the left leg.


Guys: Watch the video to understand the leading down and up. You try to block the lady, in this way she can’t turn to you before doing the chassé. After the chassé, if the lady is transfering the weight to the left, you will turn the lady to you for the cambré.

Cambré and snake.

A typical cambré. Please don’t forget the preparation. For leading the wave, guys lead the shoulders of the lady and put your right elbow up. Watch how to transfer the weight while doing the snake and the second cambré. Ladies, if your head is to the front, your chest is in. If your head goes up, you push your chest to the front.

Have fun!

31.03.15. Advanced. Deep cambré after turning on one leg.

Hi everybody!

We will learn today two things: How to go up and turn on one leg being in front of the partner and how to do the deep cambre. Please warm up your body and do these steps under your own responsibility.

For going up:

During the left turn of the lady, guys, you are moving around the lady (to your right). If she goes on 1 with the right foot you will do a preparation down and use the energy after the turn to have a centrifugal energy. Watch the video to know where to put your right hand (this connection with the lady is very important). Imagine the axis of the lady to help her to keep her balance. Your arms support the lady.

Ladies: your energy is little bit back (not to the front, in this case you loose your balance) and down (you press with the left arm down, your shoulder is also down). Think about the connection to the partner, don’t turn your upper bdy to the left or to the side. Your left foot is connected with your left shoulder, they are traveling together.

For the deep cambré: Guys, let the lady turn a little bit more and look for the contact between the right side of your body and the right side of her body. This contact will slide down (till the lady lie on your leg). You will go down in your left knee and stretch your left leg to the side. Pay attention about your center and the center of the lady for not loosing your balance.

Ladies: Watch the video to see how Claudia is going further with the left foot. Keep the contact with the side of the guy, that’s your support. If you go up, you will get the energy from your legs (not from your back), you will breath and bring the pelvis up.

24.03.15. Advanced. Turn on the spot with the head to the side.


Here you can remember how to do the opening to the right with the head in the closed position:


Turning on the spot with head movements. Important things for the guys:

  • You go the hole time backwards and you open with your body to the left.
  • Use your both hands for the leading but remember, your leading comes from your upper body.
  • If you want to turn the lady with the head to the side, you will bring your left hand to her left shoulder when she has the head to her right side. Turn the lady and on 2 you will get her again an continue with the head movement.
  • You can end the move when the lady is with the head to the front. You bring her up.

Important things for the ladies:

  • Keep the contact with the hands of the guy.
  • If you are doing anything on the spot with your upper body and you are turning to the left, you will use the left leg as axis.
  • If the guy turns you with the head to the side, stay with the head to the side as log as the guy has his hand on your shoulder.
  • While turning take care of your left arm for not to hit your partner.

Have fun!

24.03.15. Advanced. The deep pendulum.

Hi everybody!

Today we learn the deep pendulum. Before you do this step, you should be sure, you can do the normal pendulum for the intermediate:


Important things for the guys:

  • Use the energy of the first left turn of the lady to make the move fluent.
  • Before you bring the lady up, you need a preparation going down.
  • Your arms are the frame for the lady and they support her. Your energy stays up the hole time the lady is supposed to be up.
  • The arms have the same distance as long as the lady is turning in front of you on one leg.
  • If you want to do the pendulum, bring your left hand down and let the lady turn more than you.
  • Be prepared to support the lady with her pendulum. Make sure, she has enough space.

Important things for the ladies:

  • If you are up, your energy is going a little bit back.
  • Press down with your arms and your shoulders, so the guy can support you.
  • By doing the pendulum, you stay looking at the front, don’t turn to your partner.
  • Go down with your center over your feet. If you want to see some more details about how to go down, check this link: http://zouk-germany.com/15-03-15-intermediate-table-cambre/
  • Wait for the leading of the guy if you are up, because you don’t know what’s coming next.

17.03.15. Advanced. Turn on the line for the lady bending to the front and turn for the guys.

Hi everybody!

In this step you have to pay attention with the turns.

1. The turn of the lady on one leg. The turn needs a preparation. Guys, if the lady is going with the left foot you give her the idea, she has to go down. In the same moment when she is transfering the weight to the left foot, you bring the lady up and help her to turn, keeping her in her axis. You will support the lady with both arms. For the ladies: Keep the tension on your body and go up while turning. While turning don’t stop the energy. The guy will block you but you have to turn thinking, you want to do another more turn.

2. The second difficult part is the turn for the guys while leading the turn of the ladies. Guys: You have to put your left hand on the same place you have your right hand (the right shoulder blade of the lady), that’s the secret. Ladies: While turning keep the tension in your center, do your steps on the line and don’t bring the head up alone. Wait till your partner lead the cambré (or whatever).

Have fun!

10.03.15. Advanced. Turn on one leg, “Tic-Tac” and head movements on the spot while turning.

Hi everybody!

We repeat today the step of the last week and do some more head movements for the lady.

Guys: if you are leading the lateral step from the right to the left you have to go on 1 like in slow motion and keep the lady on her left foot. This will be her axis. Then turn the lady on one foot and block the lady if you are behind of her. You block with both hands, the left hand is blocking the lady up and the right hand is pulling to the right.

From here you want the lady goes to the right but she has to stretch and go first with the hips, so your left hand is pulling to the left (the lady lets the head fall to the left) and your right hand down leads the hips of the lady to the side. Then you have to play with the weight of the lady and her head. Please, watch the video for the explanation.

Ladies: for the turn on one leg you have to keep the tension on your center and to see your axis. While stretching two things happens at the same time: your head goes to the left and your hips to the right. From here you have to be sensitive, because the guy can play with your weight and with your head.

For the head movements. Guys: Respect the path of the lady and don’t force her to do any head movement if you see, she cannot do it. Ladies, think about on stretching always the opposite site of your neck. In this way your are protecting you. Important: If you are doing anything with your upper body and you are turning on the spot, your axis is the leg of the direction of the turn. If you are turning to the right, your right leg is your axis and if you are turning to the left, your left leg is your axis. In this case you are turning to the right.

03.03.15. Advanced. Turn on one leg from lateral and “Tic-Tac”

Really nice move our Tic Tac!

“What? Tic Tac?”

We call the step tic tac if the lady is bringing the head from one side to the other side without painting a circle back or to the front.

Guys, if you are leading the lateral to the left you go in slow motion for the lady to understand, now something special is coming and to keep her center over the left foot. You will turn her 270° and block her. How to block? Your right under arm stops her upper body and the left hand blocks the move over the head of the lady. After that you pull with the left hand to the left and with the right hand to the right, so the lady transfers the weight to her right but she goes first with the hips stretching the body (the head falls to the left) and after that with the head to right. At the same time you have to turn: your left hand go through the window and you bring your right over your head. Now you have to bring the lady to the other side, first pulling with the right hand (so she transfers the weight) and then changing the position of her shoulders (in the video we show two possibilities, with the hand in front of the lady and with the hand behind). While leading the head movement, the first step you help the lady to transfer the weight and after that the head goes.

For the ladies: While turning on one leg, you have to keep your center over your foot and go a little bit up.

It’s very important for you to understand that sometimes the guy lead your head from one side to the other side without painting a circle to the front or back. In this case, the guy helps you to transfer the weight and then he plays with the position of your shoulders. If the guy brings you to the side, you go first with the hips, you stretch the side of your body and at the end you go with the head. You will repeat it to the other side. For the last head movement, the first step you transfer the weight to your right without going with the head, the second step you bring your head to the front (your chest is in) and at the end your head goes to the side.

Next week we will see some variations for the head at the end of the step.

Have fun and see you next week!

17.02.15. Advanced. Turn on the line with head movement to the front and spiral.

Hi Everybody!

We continue with the step of the last week (watch the video here), with a variation and leading at the end one spiral.

The variation: Guys, we will go around the lady while turning her, so you can transform the energy of the lady in a wave from the hips when she goes with the right foot.

For the spiral: Guys, you don’t stop the head movement, you continue the head movement fluently. You are leading the shoulders of the lady like in a circle (watch the video). For the ladies: if your head is to the front, you bring your chest in. If your head goes back, you think on stretching the front part of your neck. When you do the spiral, the steps are like in a simple turn but crossing (here you will find some more explanations).

The step of the next week will be very cool, I cann wait for it!! ;-)

10.02.15. Intermediate / advanced. Wave to the side with the hips and head movement.

Hi everybody!

We repeat today the steps of the last weeks and started a new one.

  1. Head movements behind the lady and turns.
  2. Spiral 2.

For the wave to the side with the hips you have to go little by little to the side first with the hips, then with the flank, the shoulders and at the end the head.

Guys: for the leading of the wave you push with your left hand the opposite hip and block the upper body of the lady holding the right hand to the right. You can lead the wave if you bring your left hand up and your right to the left. For the wave in the other direction you start pulling with the right hand to the right and blocking with the left the upper body of the lady, so she is going with her hips. Then you let the left hand go down.

For the turn with the head movement you push with the left hand (in this wayy the lady is going into the line), your right hand come to her shoulder and when she is facing you, you bring her both shoulders in the same line (parallel to the floor).

For the ladies: the move with your hips is fluent, you recommend you to practise at home in front of the mirror. For the head movement you stay by 1 to the side, by 2 your head is in the center and you contract (your chest is in, your pelvis is to the front) and by 3 you bring your head just up. Of course there is more possibilities for the head but the is leading now this one.

So! We hope you enjoy and we see us next week!

09.02.15. Intermediate / Advanced. Lateral with headmovement and spiral.

Hi everbody!

Today we did a beautiful headmovement. If you try it at home, please get first warm and do the step on your own responsibility.

For the headmovements the head is not active. Your head ladies is always following the shoulder line. Guys: you are playing (careful) with the shoulder line of the lady.


  1. For the first sidestep (lateral) is very nice if you bring your head to the left side breathing and opening your chest. The second step you stay with the head to the left side and between 2 and 3 paint half of circle with your head to the right. By painting a circle to the front you bring your chest back.
  2. For the turn you will bring your head back and to the left side again. If your head is back you try strecht the frontal part of your body. When your head is down, pay attention because you don’t know what’s coming next. Try to be connected with the guy.
  3. If you are doing headmovements please do short steps.


  1. Your arms will be a little round, like holding a ball.
  2. For the first step of the lady you start bringing the left arm up und the right down. The second step you stay in this position, doing your steps and going in front of the lady. The third step you change the frame (now left is down and right is up). you are a little bit to the left, so the lady has enough space for her turn.
  3. If you do the turn with the spiral, you bring first the lady into the turn pulling with your right hand and after that you change the frame: the right hand starts to go down and with the left hand you paint a circle first up and after that down.
  4. Now you are finished und you need just to bring the lady up.

Some more important things for the leading:

  • Try to lead from your upper body.
  • Be careful about your lady if you are dancing it in a party, don’t be rude.
  • The lady needs the feeling, she has a lot of space. Ask the lady for her feedback to improve you leading.
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